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Kiwi Mail is an e-mail marketing system that allows you to easily create e-mail, manage subscriber lists, review results and much more. Kiwi Mail extends your brand consistently and professionally. Kiwi Creative makes it easy to customize an email marketing plan that works for you.

Manage your subscriber lists
Organize your subscribers into groups or use our advanced search-and-segment feature to find (and send to) people based on their interests, geography, past engagement and more. Your customizable sign-up screens allow new people to sign up from anywhere on your website, and your customizable database collects and stores as much information as you like.

Utilize industry best practices
Whether it’s following the rules of permission marketing, handling opt-out requests, interpreting bounces or ensuring you’re sending a well-constructed e-mail every time, Kiwi Mail keeps you current with the latest industry trends and best practices that will increase delivery rates and improve results.

Create and execute stylish e-mail campaigns
Create stylish e-mail campaigns using Kiwi Mail’s intuitive click-and-build screens, or upload your finished HTML campaigns. Either way, we’ll help you prepare and preview your campaigns, proof for problematic content and send quickly and accurately every time. Your past campaigns are stored for easy access and future linking at no additional charge.

Deliver with success every time
Our world-class delivery network ensures high delivery rates through our personalized sendoff, ISP relationships and delivery policies that can be fine-tuned down to the individual mailing, if necessary. Our engine handles every aspect of delivery for you, and our industry know-how ensures the highest possible delivery rates every time.

Track your results in real time
You’ll see who opened your campaign, clicked on links, forwarded your campaign to friends or signed up to receive future e-mails. You’ll find out who bounced (definitely didn’t get your e-mail) and be able to follow up with them. This is part of our real-time response tracking that tells you everything that happens to your campaign, as it happens. And because we store your results over time, you’ll be able to learn from past efforts and fine-tune future e-mails for greater success.

  • Manage your e-mail lists.

    • Create unlimited audience groups for organization and targeting
    • Search & segment your audience
    • Create personalized sign-up screens to help grow your list
    • Import large lists and automatically clean them for duplicates and errors
    • Easily move members and reorganize audience groups as you go
    • Export your audience lists and data at any time
  • Send e-mails without error.

    • Create your own campaigns, or have Kiwi Creative design them for you
    • Personalize your emails with first names and more
    • “Forward to a Friend” feature included with every e-mail
    • Recipients can manage their preferences at any time
    • Send your campaigns at any time, or schedule a future delivery
  • Track the results.

    • See who, opened, clicked, forwarded, signed up and more
    • View response details for entire campaigns and for individual recipients
    • Have bounces and opt-out requests handled automatically
    • Create an instant, side-by- side comparison of multiple campaigns